The Coming End of Undergrad, an old couch story

I will be basically finished with the last four years of my life in a few weeks. That's neat.
An excerpt of a story from the book I am writing:

Work is in progress for the cover.

I will probably distribute it to my friends, maybe a bit over an online distributor but probably not necessary.

The New Apartment Place to Put Myself

 A new apartment, a new file cabinet, and a new coffee making process. Other new things are coming into my life as well. With the quarantine comes change in many forms. I signed a short term lease for a few months in a place near Boston's Symphony Hall. I think I will like the place as I was able to get it at a good deal and it's in the 'middle of the action', so to speak. I feel great and feeling a bit more actual motivation each day. Not the fake kind of motivation where you tell yourself to do things you'll never actually do... So here's to new things :)
I received this cabinet with some greatly appreciated help on the part of my friend and coworker Robin

my new self imposed haircut
the banisters in my new apartment building are a bit short

Motivation Parallels

Acoustics and looking at beam patterns

I have my own temporary place during these hectic times. It's a one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a brownstone near Boston's Symphony Hall. 

If you are looking for some pep or various motivation to get things done, I suggest two potential paths to try.

1. I found this video on YouTube yesterday from a football coach who became the leader of an insurance company founder a bit motivational. 

2. There's also this viral video of Shia LaBeouf you may have seen a few years back...

You will notice a common theme between the two. Slightly different delivery between the two videos however. 

Old Photos and Web Articles

I took a photo of myself in the self-checkout at Target in Central square. I don't want to get into the point of having these tiny screens here in the first place, but instead wanted to remind myself why I take occasional photos of my surroundings. I think it's because I like to welcome change. I like to examine what is new. In this photo I am seen wearing a simple dust mask. On the CDC's recommendation, I have started wearing a mask.

In the nights, I hope my family and friends are well and that they are getting along fine. I do worry the worst days are still ahead of us.

In other parts of the web, I recently visited Y-Combinators news aggregator and found a pressing article from Lyn's investment blog. Here is a link (

One Thing at a Time

 After a good weekend of reflection, I think I am ready to start taking things one at a time. These past few weeks have been stressful and I feel that I have spent much of my time cooped up at my desk. The result of this sense of urgency and cabin fever made me prone to unhelpful multitasking while actually doing very little at all. At least compared to when I was in classes and living back at EC.

I have been watching Netflix's Narcos and the Tiger King show. These crazy views into the lives of folks who are quite different than myself have helped me escape a bit from the news and realized how glad I am to be away from tigers.

In other news, I am staying in most days but have found time to get groceries and take a few runs.

Microcenter in Cambridge

Some whipped coffee in the Kitchen Aid at Jean and Charlie's place.

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