In the morning, there was a bit of chaos getting onto the lift. Coyote and I rode a bus and waiting in a hoard of Europeans for almost an hour. When we got to the mountaintop, we were stuck in clouds and I couldn't see more than a few feet ahead of me. After the first few runs, the clouds left and we were left in a bluebird paradise.

I forgot about my cough and sore joints for a moment and we were skiing in powdered sugar instead of mashed potatoes.

This is the good life.


Before the First Storm


I was at Market Basket earlier today and there is a storm coming tomorrow. I was lucky to find a parking spot in less than 5 minutes and there were no carts available when I walked in the store. Every single cart was in-use or out in the parking lot. Light pushing and noise everywhere. I walked back out to the parking lot and grabbed a cart from a corral. Inside, I slowly maneuvered from aisle to aisle waiting here and there as families and folks reached, bumped, quipped, and packed food into their bins, baskets, and bags.

I put myself in the mess, so I cannot complain. I stayed up late last night and spent it with good friends. Today is a peaceful day, no work to do right now. 

There's something fun about being in the store before the storm if you can get past how annoying it can be and the urgency of course. Everyone agrees with simple phrases like "this is crazy busy" and "wow, must be a big storm coming". It's a simple thing. And everyone knows the possibility that we all get snowed in tomorrow. It's decently probable. And that fact is also comforting in a weird way. Hopefully there are no bad accidents or loss of power, but knowing that mankind is still powerless against some force of nature provides me with cool humility.

I'm back from Michigan. I was there for the holidays, where I watched plenty of footballs, had a few brews, talked about trees and mundane things. Went to the Gilmore Car Museum and drove around Lansing. Life is good and I'm looking forward to a good 2024.

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