Music / Art

Links for my music related stuff and other drawing/photography below

WMBR (Walker Memorial Basement Radio 88.1FM):
I am an OTA (on the air) engineer for shows at WMBR. We are the MIT student radio station. We broadcast with a transmitter sending 720W throughout the greater Boston area. We run about 20hrs a day with a variety of shows. Check out

My Band Fred Desk:
Bandcamp Link:

Fred Desk @ Fred Fest Oct. 2019
Picture credits to Karina Hinojosa

Zeta Psi Car Bash:
Picture Credits to Sofia Leon.
 Good in-between song pic.

Mid Psycho-Killer preformance

Ascii Art:
#         -._.-"""-.-"""-..-"""-.-"""-.-"""-.-"""-.-"""-.-"""-._.-"-'
#         =. _'.    '.    '.     '.    '.    '.    '.    '.    '. -'_
#        .-'.-. \ M   \ I   \  S   \ K   \ E   \     \     \     \'-_.
#         .-'-__.'.___.'.___.'.____.'.___.'.___.'.___.'.___.'.___.'._-.


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