22.033 Check Source Boxes and Trefoil Design

I am taking 22.033 this semester. The class has a focus on hands-on learning surrounding the concepts involved with nuclear science and engineering (NSE). The above radioactive symbol is the trefoil. The relative dimensions of this shape are denoted in the Code for Federal Regulations. Traditionally, purple and yellow are used for long term, high visibility as the involved dangers can last for millions of years.

At the left is a bracket for my friend Joseph's new electric long board project.

Below is a picture of my most recent practice on the lathe making a 'door handle' for my friend Jane.

 I recently picked up a super cheap electric scooter. As I sometimes don't want to get my bike out for shorter trips. This transportation solution is my new quest.
This is what a check source looks like. My group in 22.033 has a mission to redesign the boxes used to hold these. Stay tuned for the finished project.

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