Goodbye to Old Friends, Learning new git functions

Graduates of the institute recently walked across the great stage they put up every year in front of the great dome. About 1100 undergraduates pass across the stage in just under 3 hours of processions and speeches. About 4 guests are present for each graduate, not including non-undergraduate students such as Masters and PhDs. In all, it was an interesting affair that I watched partially on webcam.

Meanwhile, I have been learning a lot at my internship on Albany street at Shell Techworks. I have never had to use a lot of git commands to check and clear my work with pull requests through class assignments and personal projects but I am learning a lot about this subject matter now. In my first week, I learned about some of the interesting projects underway at the office and how I can help in these endeavors. Obviously, I cannot go into any details. However, I will say I have already learned a 'git' about a few things...

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