Back Home, Things to Do!

I've been home for three days now. On the plane, I was able to revisit the book I've been touching upon called 'The Measure of History' about the use of measurements throughout primarily the European middle-ages and Renaissance eras.

I'm happy to see lots of old faces. I stopped by my High School last Friday to see my chemistry teacher from those days. We still stay in touch and trade quips from our respective lives. My ole Science Olympiad team is up to good things and I was happy to see some old and plenty of new faces.

<-- Breakfast at the Friendly Toast a week before I left
I am helping restore an old reed organ. More to come later.

Some things I will work on while home (not in any order):

Undergrad Thesis
Shell Techworks Upskilling
NRL Requal and Retraining Materials
Advent Of Code 2019 (getting harder)
C++ tutorials
MIT Rocket Team code and parts order
2.013/2.014 details
pre-registration for Spring
Reading (history, novel, methods, etc.)
Writing (return to Humanism)
Music (listening mostly)
Eating (it's the holidays after all, also tracking macros)

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