Christmas in the Country

One of my favorite days of the year is Christmas. In general, everyone is themselves on Christmas, for better or worse. And the family and friends we reflect with during holidays helps us better ourselves. In lieu of bettering oneself, it's convenient that people are expected to generate 'New Year's resolutions' in less than a week after Christmas. As I reflect on the time between last Christmas and this one, I think that I have become much better at fitting context to a situation. In school, you learn that arguments need backup clauses but this is not always brought over in how a person acts. I have been spending the last year learning how to get better at developing those backup clauses, both in engineering and personnel contexts.

As for worse, I'm probably worse at being spontaneous. Which I think is probably a good thing, you see, you should try and pick 'worse' things which are actually positives... a little spontaneity is bad, a lot of spontaneity is bad. I hope I'm on the right side of the curve headed left.

Next year what will I do? I think I'll think about it for a few days and come back to this blog and write it down.

One of my favorite presents this year was a TS100 portable soldering iron

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