Post-Valentine's Day: Running 26 Miles in 26 Hours

 Yesterday was Valentine's day, it was mostly a normal day like any other. I woke up a bit late behind schedule and rolled into a meeting about 2.014. After that, I went and picked up flowers from the AXO charity event in the Stata center. When I got back to East Campus dormitories to give the flowers to Ally, I found she was in bed. The flowers were a bit long so she trimmed them and put them by her TV.

Today, I am running 26 miles over the course of 26 hours. Each hour I have a task or two to complete. The running helps to break up the work into manageable chunks without letting me get too distracted. A friend of mine, Sarah W., is running with me. One of our example routes (1 mile) is shown below. I think things will get harder when we start running at 4AM.

A bright but cold week ahead :)

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