Cambridge housing search and other news

 Yesterday, I spent most of the day outside of my dorm and out on the town. In the early morning, I walked over to the Course 22 undergraduate student lounge and got a coffee and some yogurt. After the small breakfast, I headed to Boston commons to see what the hubbub was about regarding the democratic primary stuff. Following a walk by the park, I had an appointment to see an apartment with two of my future housemates in Inman square. We met with the property manager and a broker to see a unit under current renovations. After that, my friend Hadrian and I went to Davis square. We saw some friends there and walked about. Later, we came back to East Campus and chilled with some other friends. All around a good day, not much work though. In other news, I am getting stuff done with a wonderful group of other engineers in my project class building a cryocooler. And my occupation is smoothly working fine.

Cryocooler mount

Working space

Absentee primary ballot for Michigan

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