I think I'll stay home today

 This is a picture of an almost finished spinach smoothie. The delectable beverage is a staple amongst my fellow flatmates. While a week ago, I would not have considered putting ground down spinach into my gastronomical system... "when in Rome". Don't get me wrong, I like spinach just as much as the next tech bro; but I did not expect this delectable potion of green substance. The quaffable drink is made palatable by the addition of du jus d'orange (french for "orange juice") as well as a chilled banana.

Today is yet another day in a digital paradise landscape. Honestly, I should not be complaining since I am healthy and well placed. I have a roof over my head, food in my body, and a warm bed. Generally, I can thank most of these things to my hosts in Cambridge MA. I am sound for a home at least in the next month or two. Each day comes with minimal challenges as I watch closely on the internet (my vibrating string coming down from the ether that tells me how the rest of the world is doing). I trust some agencies which indicate normality may return in a few weeks or so. Unfortunately, a few weeks could also mean 2 months but if that's what it takes to safe a life, then it is of course worth the effort.

I think I'll stay home today.

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