Germination and Boston Walks

In my greater free time, I picked up some seeds from the local hardware store and I am going to see if an old trick I learned in grade school applies to a variety of different seeds. Maybe I can find somewhere to plant these when they pop out of their seed shells. The idea is that you can wet a paper towel with a water/fertilizer mix and place seeds on the paper then slip it into a clear bag. The bag is left open for air transfer and placed in sunlight. It takes a few days for the seeds to germinate but reduces the change of losing the seeds to passing birds, bunnies, or bugs.

Saw this Nova by the Target near Fenway.

On a sad note, I went by Fenway park today and noticed the souvenir shops had signs which read "Open Year Round" which obviously are false at the moment. Of course, this is likely not their own decision as all non-essential businesses in the area were asked to close up shop by a governor's order. Now I'm curious when they will open up again. When they do, it will likely be a much different world for consumers and business people alike. I saw that the consumer spending index for March and April is down almost 20%. Some of it shifted online but there is a serious drop there.  

Got a package of various home goods from my father. Thanks dad.

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