Between Jobs Roadtrip

Last weekend I was home briefly to see my family in Michigan. It was wonderful to finally get a chance to celebrate my birthday and college graduation. There was some concerns about the potential spread of COVID that I may be exposed to in transit, however recommended precautions were taken throughout my travels. One of the secondary reasons I went home was to acquire a motor vehicle from my mother who has two vehicles. I was considered the prospect of buying a used car in MA but I was reluctant to spend such an amount of money when I knew the Jeep my mother had was in great condition. I have my doubts about the future of the general economy as well; and if the economy goes through a recession period in a few months, maybe I can acquire my own vehicle at a better deal if I stick with this Jeep for a while. Who knows? Anyways, the trip was absolutely wonderful and I got the chance to relax with my mom and dad in a variety of different ways (albeit briefly). We kayaked, gardened, cooked good food, shopped a bit, went fishing, and other fun things. I am looking forward to hosting them in my place in Boston later on when the pandemic hopefully abates somewhat, although it appears to be getting worse in various parts of the country where things have started to reopen. We'll see I suppose.

The road trip back to Massachusetts was all on my own and I was able to complete it in one day. I started at 6:30AM at my dad's house and arrived in Somerville MA around 9:15PM or so. I made three stops (for gas) and drove through mostly clear traffic. I encountered two small storms and one short traffic jam. It was a fun drive even though my butt hurts a bit from sitting that long. I'll look back on it fondly.

At the Ohio turnpike stop

In the garden

Caught a big fish

The auto shop near my dad's house

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