New Garden Plot on Campus

I went to the raised garden plots by the Albany railroad tracks around 9am this morning. I started weeding the plots and then I saw something odd. It appeared that some of the dirt in the plot that I had placed sprouts was tilled. I continued weeding regardless and I tried to clean out the area between pumpkin sprouts. About an hour in, a couple of people walked into the garden and began picking things out of the green plastic chest by the garden plots. I walked over and introduced myself. I found out that these folks were part of the group that started the garden and they now manage it. The garden we were talking in needs to be moved since the land will soon be used by the MIT College of Computing.

Realizing my work was futile due to the impending building, I helped them clean out the chest and we talked more about where the new garden would be. They told me the new garden is being planted over by the west side of Next House. Following this, I biked over to the new garden area and we got to work. We exchanged small talk for a while then I picked up a hoe and cleared out two areas. The plants I put in today will later create produce for CASPAR on Albany street later in the Summer.

This is the milkweed plant which is one of the best food sources for Monarch butterflies.

Look at this concrete grading, very interesting choice for the ramp.

Boarding up Apple store near Copley square

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