First Snow in Somerville

 Out my window this morning, the sun began to beam down on the thin inch of snow which held a layer over most things. As it did, the snow melted and came down in slushy chunks on the lawns and roofs below. It will be a somewhat wet Halloween but that's the smallest reason why one might call this Halloween odd. This Halloween is odd because of COVID. In a different universe, I might be giving out candy to kids in the neighborhood and wearing some sort of get-up. Instead, such action is not only frowned upon but enforced against by statute. The pandemic has certainly shifted my mindset towards all sorts of activities. The new abnormal has not however stopped me from thinking about the future and decisions in my life. I have been thinking a bit about where I'll be living in 8 months as well as about what sort of professional development I want to focus on. In only a few weeks, I'll hopefully see my family so that might help me think these things over.

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