Dorm Climate Data

For my 2.60 (Advanced Energy Conversions) class, a partner and I have to tackle an energy storage technology to analyze from a feasibility standpoint. We have chosen to look into borehole, thermal energy storage; a type of seasonal energy storage. In this method, a series of ~300m deep holes are drilled into the earth and used as a sort of ground heat exchanger which can hold excess waste heat for long periods of time. The goal is that a certain fraction of MIT's cogeneration plant's waste heat could be held underground in the summer to be used in the winter. This method is already being using at the University of Ontario. We are considering the placement and metrics of such a system at MIT. And hoping it lands on the positive side of the traditional abatement curve. The picture above shows a screengrab from MIT's Tableau data platform on megatons of CO2 emitted per building.

The following spreadsheet link compares dorm MTCO2e. Link


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