2.51 Experiments, Turkey Day, and Chess

Instead of a final, 2.51 or Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer ends with three student led experiments. The experiments are proposed by the students using the tools and learning from over the course of the semester. My three experiments this semester explore coffee, solder, and clothes irons. In my first experiment, I examine the temperature on seven different points on a standard paper coffee cup with a plastic lid over the course of being poured to settling at a safe drinking temperature. My data and analysis will be put up on my GitHub in a separate repository in the coming few weeks.

The solder experiment explores how long it will take for a bead of solder to transition from solid to liquid on a metal surface at different hot air rework temperatures, mass flows, and attack angles.

The clothes iron experiment looks at the radiative heat transfer rate from a metal surface to different colors of shirts for different iron settings.

I made two turkeys for my dormitory hall's thanksgiving last Monday.

I have been getting back into Chess lately. It's an old hobby of mine I have recently revisited.

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