Finding time to eat and cook with Friends

At the dam near Keene.

In Keene, NH, the party of Ally, Brendan, and I have been eating well over the last few days. We went to a grocery store called Hannaford the other day and we were able to pick up supplies to a variety of good meals over the last few days. We have made stir-fry, pastas, steak, and brownies to name a few meals. Yesterday, we took trips outside to run and enjoy the wilderness. The weather is slightly cold, above freezing and sunny most of the time.

Ally has a plane ticket for Friday and I will be heading back to Cambridge MA on that day. I have a bundle of food that could last a few weeks if I had to self-quarantine. 

I have a whole variety of remote work to complete on my work laptop. I have been looking forward to passing the time with a set of readings.

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