Learning in the time of Coronavirus

 Yesterday was a whirl-wind. I will start however with Tuesday. A schedule is provided below.

7:30 AM - Wake up, eat some toast
8:00 AM - Meet a welder at the MIT CMS about a part I am working on.
8:30 AM - Bike to Shell Techworks (STW)
9:30 AM - Morning Standup meeting
10:30 AM - Read a message about Harvard cancelling classes and moving UG away.
11:00 AM - Receive rumors that MIT will follow suit with Harvard.
11:30 AM- Confirmed rumors with a contact I have who works closely with MIT Admin
12:00 Noon - Eat lunch at STW, talk about worries with my co-workers
1:00 PM - Having a hard time focusing. Mostly unable to work. Talk to a project lead.
2:00 PM - Short meeting about front-end components with my colleague Dat. Talk with my supervisor about my plans.
3:00 PM - Leave STW to head to campus.
3:30 PM - See a massive gathering in MIT's Killian court. Appears to be some open consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs. Students are playing "beer pong" and vandalizing hand sanitizer stands.
4:00 PM - Return to East Campus dormitories (EC) and then walk back to Killian court to see if any of my friends are there.
4:30 PM - People begin to scatter as police officers arrive. I worry that this is the last time I will see many of my fellow classmates.
5:00 PM - Get back to EC, decide to get some groceries as the coming days are uncertain in regards to food and water.
5:30 PM - Return from Brother's Marketplace grocery. Lots of people are talking all over the dorm. See my girlfriend and talk about the situation at hand.
6:00 PM - Head to UHaul in central square area to get boxes. It is slightly busy but we are easily able to get everything we need. Stop by CVS to get a prescription but it's not in stock. Go back to EC.
7:00 PM - Go to meeting for 2.014, my project class, I get there a few minutes late.
8:00 PM - Still in meeting Start to think about packing.
9:00 PM - Get back from meeting Sit down and play video games for a while to calm down.
10:00 PM - General moving out and talk about where to go next
11:00 PM -People arrive with comfort food and a lot of conversations
12:00 Midnight - Friends are hanging out at popular spots on campus, I go visit them
1 AM - Go to sleep

9:00 AM - Wake up, eat breakfast
10:00 AM - Packing a bit of stuff.
11:00 AM - Meeting at Bldg. 3 for course 2.014, how to deal with this mayhem.
12:00 Noon - Leave meeting and head back to EC. Start packing.
1:00 PM - Receive help from wonderful girlfriend who can efficiently pack boxes.
5:00 PM - Still packing, figure out housing and storage
7:30 PM - Call with Dad
8:00 PM - Call with Mom
9:00 PM - 2.014 video call about the morning meeting
9:30 PM - Things are slowing down, people are trying to relax with boardgames and comfort food.
10:00 PM - I start my show at WMBR, MIT student radio. Mostly banter, some songs, etc.
12:00 Midnight - Leave WMBR, shut down the station
12:30 AM - Eat some rice, beans, and chicken; as I haven't been able to eat much.
1:00 AM - Clear some stuff up, cleaning
1:30 AM - Went to bed

Thursday (Today)
7:30 AM - Wake up to my double alarm system
8:00 AM - start work at MIT NRL
9:00 AM - start writing this, getting sidetracked
10:00 AM - 10 minutes from now.

Student newspaper article

Party in Killian on Tuesday afternoon

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