The Quest to the West Road Trip


After I found out that I was heading to graduate school, I thought about how I might spend the time leading up to starting school. I considered a trip with two good friends to Australia, but then decided against it as that trip would happen during the first semester at the end of September into October. Not long after that decision, I was thinking about visiting a couple National Parks that turned into a plan for a grand road trip.

The road trip was about 4000 miles over 16 days. I drove from my place in MA to visit family and friends as far as Colorado before turning around and coming back. 

I wrote about this adventure here:

It was a wild time and I am glad to get my travel jitters out.

Today was the first day of in-person classes for me at Northeastern University as a PhD student. It was exciting to get back into the swing of formalized learning.

More updates on being a graduate student to come, I'm honestly still figuring the ropes out.

In the Badlands NP of South Dakota

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