Graduate Applications and Florida Business Trip


It has been a busy few weeks. 
  • My colleagues at PSI and I have been moving fast on a project in order to bring hardware to a demonstration this past week in central Florida. 
  • Meanwhile, there are other programs at work that I have been giving attention towards
  • I have been gathering gifts for the holidays 
  • I have been working on finishing an album with Fred Desk
  • I got sick last weekend for the first time in a while and taking care of myself when I can
  • I applied to graduate school at some New England and midwestern schools.
The Florida trip was a great success from all that I can tell. I think we made a good impression and I look forward to continued work on the project we brought down there.

Gift buying has been fun. I know everyone talks about how the holidays are stressful, but it honestly has not been that bad for me this year. Most of the people I got gifts for were thankfully direct about what they wanted, or indicated something that they would like. 

The Fred Desk album is about 1.5 months away!! As long as the January sessions go well, it is well on its way to being finished.

More on graduate school applications to come in a few months, I heard back from a professor who is interested in talking to me about their work :)

A quintessential photo of Florida: concrete, power lines, and scrubby palm bushes

My hotel room had a jacuzzi tub for some reason?

Making myself good food as always from scratch

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