Plans for the Coming Year


In my last blog post I wrote "I have the potential to start March in a suddenly different place in life.". This turned out to be true. I have accepted a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University and I will be moving into a new apartment with some friends near Central Square in Cambridge, MA. In addition to this, I have kept up a gym habit, started swing dancing at a VFW nearby on Wednesday nights, and I have also been doing a bit of music on the side. While I have good plans laid out for the next year or two, I do wonder as much as the next person about what life has in plan for me. What is going to come my way that I cannot foresee? What things beyond my control will shake my stability or worldview? If I knew, I would certainly have a better staked financial portfolio and I would tell my friends about where to place their bets, but psychics and fortune tellers are not perfect and neither can I see entirely what is coming my way. 

Last week, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) with a friend I met at the Wednesday night swing dancing event. It was a good time at the MFA, I was reminded of many forms of art and aesthetic tastes I have. I should get and make more art.  

Last month, when I visited Northeastern University, they treated the prospective applicants very well. We got nice tours and fancy meals. I randomly met up with two students who were transferring from University of Washington. I did not realize until later that their doctoral advisor is the same guy that I will be working under at Northeastern, what a coincidence. 

Here is some photos of art at the MFA that I thought was neat.

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