Out in the Fells this Weekend


Instead of driving out to New Hampshire, the Cedar St friends decided to hike closer to home and visited the Middlesex Fells reservation. We drove out to a roadside parking spot near Melrose, MA, and disembarked for the rock circuit trail. I used the Jeep to pull up on a berm to keep some distance from the other cars. It was funny to get out of the Jeep since we were up at a 30 degree angle. It was an enjoyable trek and we climbed a variety of rocky outcroppings. I was able to snap a few photos of the Boston skyline while up there. I noticed the Encore hotel and casino facing us in the distance. It was a good reminder to get out more often. The air was fresh and crisp even though we wore our face masks when crossing the paths of other hikers. Fall is definitely here now.

Sitting in my Chair


What a wonderful weekend here at 37 Cedar St. The whole gang of five was briefly here before one left to meet their partner. Yesterday I saw Ally when I dropped off a bike for her to use. We were able to socially distance our transaction. She is living on campus since her research obligations require it during these odd times with COVID. I am privileged to get COVID tests through MIT for my connection to the NRL. Tomorrow I will getting tested again before visiting the facility later in the week. Work at PSI is going well and I am learning a lot of new things from my coworkers. I found out that one of my colleagues is familiar with the great bakery Bova's in the North End since they live over there. I miss visiting places like Bova's. 

The bike I fixed up for Ally

the skyline from Tufts University

Sitting in my chair 1

Sitting in my chair 2

Sitting in my chair 3

Sitting in my chair 4

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