I have a projects page but thought it may be interesting to have a specific 'skills' page where I mention what things I know in order to work on projects, more to come...


Milling: Used ProtoTrak and Bridgeport machines. Milling out brackets and holding pieces for electric skateboards, flashlights, stepper motor holders, etc.

Lathe: Used Monarch and ProtoTrak machines. Turning out bearings for gyroscopic rings, yo-yo bodies, skateboard axles, etc.

Benchtop Tools: Bandsaw, Drill press, etc for general rough cuts.

Waterjet: OMAX system for cutting precision brackets. Extensive experience with thin object manipulation and cutting.

3D printing: FDM and SLA experience. Ultimaker, Lolzbot, Stratasys, Objet, etc.

Laser Cutting: Epilog and Universal systems. Handling the operation of cutting lots and lots of things. Used for MakeMIT extensively.


Circuit design: EAGLE and KiCAD adept. I have built a number of boards over the years. All 2 layer with basic attention paid to impedance matching, EMI, and power management.

PCB Production: Used Sunstone circuit, OSHpark, and JLCpcb for EDA designs and production scale work.

CNC Stepper Controllers: Worked with a variety of gear motor and stepper motor designs for automation of simple mechanical tasks like spooling fibers and loading hoppers.

Power Management: Worked with a variety of different cell chemistries for powering small scale electrical vehicles and hydrogen production cells.


React JS Framework: Experience with both React and React Native for Web application and mobile applications.

iOS Development: Continuous with JS framework experience. I have some experience with iOS app development through Xcode.

Monte Carlo Methods: There are a number of 22.05 (neutron transport) problems which involve MC methods. Facilitated in MatLab and Python.

Probability (PRA): In 6.041, I had to write a number of Python programs for analysis of probability problems.

Finite Element Analysis: In research opportunities at DRL in CSAIL, I used FEA to test the mechanical feasibility of different auxetic models.

MakerLodge President: ML is a student and faculty run makerspace on campus for training MIT frosh on a group of standard shop tools and practices. As president, I communicate between students mentors and faculty support.

WMBR OTA Trainer: Walker Memorial Basement Radio refers to the 88.1 FM radio station housed in the basement of Bldg. 50 on MIT campus. In order for members to be left alone at the station, they must go through training with myself or another trainer. Training goes over station usage, proper behavior, important technical pieces (not nec. technical training), FCC rules, etc.

MakeMIT Materials Lead: Handled the purchase of about ~20k of mechanical and electrical hardware for a large scale student hackathon focused on hardware implementations. Sponsored by a number of companies including 3D printing companies and software dev. companies.

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