Technology Transfer

I write this post from a small cabin on the Thunder Bay River.

My work colleagues and I are up in Michigan to attend an event to present technology we hope to transfer... that is an interesting way of putting it. Wikipedia defines technology transfer as "the process of transferring technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization, in an attempt to transform inventions and scientific outcomes into new products and services that benefit society". I want to make a career in engineering systems that can be effectively transferred. This means that I want to develop useful tools. I am learning how this is done at my job and I hope to have additional experiences in my upcoming graduate studies.

While out in northern Michigan, I visited my great grandmother's grave and Gingell family cemetery. My paternal great grandmother was born a Gingell and married a Yankie. Her daughter was my grandmother Karen Yankie, who married my paternal grandfather, a Miske. Five generations before that, the Miske's were called the Mieschkes? Or something very similar.

The wooden deck at my apartment in Central is in a rough state. The previous tenants and the landlord have not kept it up in maintenance. 

I have harvested the first few green beans from my garden in Cambridge. 

We have stocked our bookshelf and begun hanging art

the piggies were put to pasture recently, they did not spend too much time in the sun though

I installed a new receive antenna at the WMBR station on campus. This summer I am learning more about the tech at the station.

Cambridge held a community dance party a few couple weeks ago. It was a blast, except for when people started doing the Cha Cha Slide on the bus stop by the post office, at that point the DJ turned off the music until they got down.

Around the time of the last post I was going to Michigan, here is a photo of deer in the gulch next to dad's house.


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