Gone paintballing with My Coworkers

Yesterday, my coworkers from my internship at Shell Techworks and I went out to Boston paintball near Maynard, MA. It was a fun outing and we all got a bit of tension out at each other through the form of high velocity paintballs shot through air compression barrels at one another.

I made two edited videos of the first few battles. I was wearing a headcam during the match to see what I would see. The youtube video is at this link.

Learning ReactJS to build a standard, open-source web-app for makerspaces

I am learning how to write Javascript at work more effectively through projects. One of the ways I strive to get better at adapting components in my code is developing a web-app for an upcoming makerspace on campus at MIT. My hope is that the structure in the web-app could be a standard codebase for any makerspace that would like to run a web-app with a nice news-feed styled, locally hosted server.

Dad and Brother in Town, Two weeks till a trip out West

 My father and brother are in town this weekend and we spent most of yesterday in Cambridge going to my workplaces and visiting good restaurants. We made our way to the Harvard Museum of Natural History which I recalled fondly from a time I went previously. Today, we are going to explore Boston, especially the freedom trail.
 I ended up buying an Espotek Labrador board, it's an ST board and an ATMEL mega board running a couple oscilloscopes, function gen, logic analyzer, and power rails all on a postage stamp sized board. I will be taking this out with me to the Mojave to assist in anything related to the work necessary on the Hermes II launch.

Museum of Fine Arts trip

 Today I took a day trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was a great time getting to see the wide array of different eras, styles, and genres of art collections at the museum. I found the neon sign at the entrance which mentioned the rules was fairly interesting. On my camera, you can see the difference between neon tubes which are illuminating from a bright white to slight yellow.

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Goodbye to Old Friends, Learning new git functions

Graduates of the institute recently walked across the great stage they put up every year in front of the great dome. About 1100 undergraduates pass across the stage in just under 3 hours of processions and speeches. About 4 guests are present for each graduate, not including non-undergraduate students such as Masters and PhDs. In all, it was an interesting affair that I watched partially on webcam.

Meanwhile, I have been learning a lot at my internship on Albany street at Shell Techworks. I have never had to use a lot of git commands to check and clear my work with pull requests through class assignments and personal projects but I am learning a lot about this subject matter now. In my first week, I learned about some of the interesting projects underway at the office and how I can help in these endeavors. Obviously, I cannot go into any details. However, I will say I have already learned a 'git' about a few things...

21st Birthday, Working at STW this Summer

Today is my 21st birthday, it's incredible to think about how quickly my college years have seemed to go by, like they say "time flys when you are having fun". I am working on understanding the operation and functions of the software engineering team at Shell Techworks in Cambridgeport. I'm looking forward to learning a lot this summer and applying it on the variety of projects.
Someone messed with a banner near Bldg. 12?

Sunset in Detroit before leaving to Boston

Synchronous Fireflies and Summer Plans

I spent my birthday at the Elkmont campground in Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP). It's nestled into a beautiful and scenic p...