Out in Savannah

Since my brother is an American hero, dealing with the enormity and organization of the US Army for the past few years, I decided to go down to Georgia and hang out this past weekend before he leaves for a cross-country road trip. He is leaving the service after 9 years and taking full control of his time. I wish him all the best and safety as he explores. I enjoyed this vacation-getaway from the bustle of Boston. I felt tired, but not because I wasn't resting, instead I believe I felt tired because I was getting some rest from my own busy life. I put away the work for a few nights and we simply hung out like old times, watching TV, driving around, and playing games. 

Downtown Savannah is a fun place to go out and enjoy a warm day or a chilly night. I was happily surprised to see so many people out and about between the historic district and River St areas. Tyler and I walked down Forsyth park and got some coffee, bumbling about until the late evening. 

On Saturday the 21st, we visited Tybee Island and loitered like tourists, had some seafood and a beer. This is how I like to have a little vacation. 

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