Back in Boston: Photos from Trip

My sleep schedule is a bit weird at the moment. Since I got back on the evening of the 16th, I have been falling asleep around 8pm and waking up at midnight, only to fall asleep again a few hours later and wake up at 9am. This is classic jet lag.

For my time back in my dorm, I'll be working on some projects like my ProjX funded electrolysis cell.

This is the picture of the SUTD and MIT students who worked on a group project in Singapore.

Photos from the trip by day (You'll notice I took significantly less photos near the end of the trip, some photos may be added later on)

January 6th
January 7th
January 8th
January 9th
January 10th
January 11th
January 12th
January 13th and 14th

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