xFair ProjX Booth for Hydrogen Torch v2

Today has been an interesting day thus far. I started my day off by heading to xFair with my ProjX project. xFair is an event held in the DAPER athletic complex on the west side of campus where a variety of companies are present to scope out talent across the entire institvte.  ProjX is a branch of the student group TechX which seeks to fund small student projects for their edification and aims to better the world around them with neat things. 

My friend Joseph and I worked on a Oxy-Hydrogen producing hydrolysis cell that is small enough to fit inside a backpack. The oxy-hydrogen gas builds up and moves through a set of teflon and nylon tubing pieces to a welding torch (after passing through a bubbler to reduce flames from travelling to the cell). The flame at the welding head is concentrated enough to cut aluminum pieces apart. 

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