Finishing up with Fall 2019

 As this semester turns down into an end, I am thankful for my good health and my great friends. Yesterday, my mechanical engineering capstone class finished with a final presentation about a free-piston Stirling engine powered cryocooler. It was great to see our work come to a collective summary and let us look forward to the development of a technology for a Spring class next semester. I will be posting the video of the presentation out to my YouTube channel in the next few days as well as some other media from over the semester either there or on this blog.

I am looking forward to this Christmas break. I will probably post about a variety of foodstuffs and relaxing computer projects I will be working on before heading back to Cambridge for IAP.

Also, heading to Vancouver in the third week of January. LA in the end of the 4th week.
My dog Bella at home chewing on a bone.

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