Back to a Routine with New Perspective

Last Friday I returned from my holiday break at home in Michigan. I think that the change in environment has been helpful for resetting some circuits in my brain. Getting to see my close family and discuss my current setup in life lets me reconfigure my priorities and longer term goals. Such that now, where I am back in Cambridge, MA, I can refocus on these longer term goals in my slightly more natural habitat.

On the left here is me probing the MIT Rocket Team lower electronics DAQ. I need to get an ideal diode IC to get this device to turn on. Which should arrive tomorrow from Digikey.
I noticed in the exit row of my flight back to Cambridge that all the seats in the exit row have screws blocking somebody from using the tray table that is attached to the seat in front of you. Instead, the exit row seats are slightly larger and have tray tables embedded in the arm rests. Cheap fix instead of removing the tray table.

Some groceries, this is what I cook/eat in about a week's worth of time. Minus the meals I get on my work lunch break or out with friends.

My brother got a lot of soap during a Christmas gift swap.

Snow and puffy clouds over my dads house back in Michigan.

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