Walking in the Neighborhood

I have been getting up lately between 7 and 7:30 and finding the time to get outside and jog or walk. It has been nice to have these few days to relax my mind a bit. I noticed that a few of the nearby buildings have been receiving general upgrades and work. I have been reading some articles about how a number of local colleges will be moving to more remote learning this Fall which could cause significant changes to the apartment market and general land use. There are over 150,000 college students in the area and if half of them do not return, that's over 75,000 empty rooms which would have otherwise contained students. At the current, well earlier, market rate of about $1200/month per person, that's a loss of real estate revenue of about $90,000,000. This is of course a rough estimate but I'm pretty curious how much of an impact that will have on things. We'll see...

Making a favorite dish of mine, chicken mushroom and onion in a cream sauce

Short visit to East Campus to pick up some furniture items

the sign and flowers I brought to the airport to pick up Ally

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