Sitting in my Chair


What a wonderful weekend here at 37 Cedar St. The whole gang of five was briefly here before one left to meet their partner. Yesterday I saw Ally when I dropped off a bike for her to use. We were able to socially distance our transaction. She is living on campus since her research obligations require it during these odd times with COVID. I am privileged to get COVID tests through MIT for my connection to the NRL. Tomorrow I will getting tested again before visiting the facility later in the week. Work at PSI is going well and I am learning a lot of new things from my coworkers. I found out that one of my colleagues is familiar with the great bakery Bova's in the North End since they live over there. I miss visiting places like Bova's. 

The bike I fixed up for Ally

the skyline from Tufts University

Sitting in my chair 1

Sitting in my chair 2

Sitting in my chair 3

Sitting in my chair 4

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