Month of Self Care

Some latkes I made this morning for brunch

The beginning of 2021 was a mediocre time. I was worried about things and people and at times found myself going through the motions without my long term hopes and dreams. COVID sucks as we all know too well. I believe this contributed to my dismay. Now, a month and a half into the year, I find myself feeling much better and much more myself. I have begun attempts at meditation following a good book that brought it up. I have been a bit better at keeping an exercise regime. And I have been cooking nicer meals for myself while getting all those important, pesky food groups in my diet (like veggies). In total, I recognized a lack of self care and responded to this issue.

Today is Valentine's day. A holiday centered on the subject of relationships. Tomorrow, my girlfriend Ally is coming back to Boston. Her senior spring semester is starting on Tuesday. I am looking forward to having her around to share some of this food I've been cooking. Maybe we'll go on some trips that don't involve being close enough to strangers who may or may not have COVID.

In my past, I didn't really have 'self care'. I feel that I was always pushing myself into some new endeavor. I was a brainiac child that was lucky enough to not have to study that hard to 'succeed'.  Now, with the pressures of being a full on adult, I am personally responsible to the fullest on whether I am 'burning out' or not. In retrospection, I got really burnt out at the end of my senior spring. The meditations attempts have been giving me crucial time to self-reflect and take a few deep breaths. The world is a messy, flailing place but I do have control over a few things. I am going to focus on what I have control over.

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