Moving Month


Packing up my old apartment took a while because I did it in tiny little pieces. I had the time and fortitude to put a handful of items in a box at a time. I moved into my new place in Cambridge with friends two weeks ago and I am haven't opened every box I packed. 

I packed in tiny, unorganized chunks. There were no labels. Every box was 'my stuff' and I had a lot of it. I have been motived to re-evaluate and spend less time on money and things. Instead, I should invest in good experiences, good people, and good investments for my future desires. 

Not that much of what I packed was particularly valuable, it simply is unnecessary for me to have a half-working printer (when I have another fully working one), an old set of electronic parts, or some tarnished cookware I rarely use... 

I'm happy in my new place. I am living with five other friends in the larger half of a duplex near central square of Cambridge, MA. It's a good position for me given the upcoming excitement of graduate school. I will be taking robotic mechanisms and dynamics graduate courses for the fall semester. I will be working part-time at Physical Sciences in the meantime and I am looking forward to being engrossed in a wide range of engineering work that is very interesting to me. 

My guinea pigs Juniper and Bear are sitting next to me in their cage by my desk in the house. They are chomping on hay and a pear while I type away. I think this will become our new routine. They are good buddies to keep me company and you know what they say about working with someone else, it keeps you honest... if I start to slack off and play too many video games they will totally judge me into sticking on my work.

My old living room, right before the big move.

Juniper wearing my glasses

A tiger swallowtail that sat outside my new apartment sipping water from a droplet

The liminal space of my former apartment hallway

My new grill and a beverage

The menu at Riverside pizza, which I will probably begin to frequent as a neighbor

The dirty dining table when we moved in

Myself, Conrad, and Hadrian settling in

My mess of a room immediately after assembling the bed

This past weekend I went up to New Hampshire. I didn't visit the border store, but I almost always notice the signs

I got lost for a minute on a trail near Crawford notch, all good now

View from Harvard bridge a few weeks ago

My brother visited near the end of May

I went to the Boston Robotics Summit

I also went to a Kali Uchis and Raye concert

and got a sunburn

and saw a Red Sox game, which they won over the Mariners

Lastly, an Owl!

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