Leap Year Benefits


People don't talk enough about leap day. It's a completely different experience than most days. Because of that added day, sunsets and sunrises on average in the month of February and March are thrown off by up to a minute! All those romantic moments staring off into the sunset and early mornings waking with the sunrise are displaced temporally. Many times now, computer scientists working on important systems for scheduling and planning have missed leap days, leading to potentially ruinous circumstances.

I will not waste my leap day this year. I plan to take full advantage of it and I will ensure my total utility this year equals at least (if not more than) 366/365 of that in a standard, non-leap, year.

I am on track. 

I have been running along the Charles river and eating well. No new cavities at the last dentist visit. I am spending time with friends and I have a few more ski trips left before the winter ends fully. I am looking forward to a warm summer in Tennessee and focus in all things of my life.

Things are pretty good to be honest. And it takes work, it's work I am doing my best on.

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