First Few Weeks of September

 Picture from LIST Art Gallery I liked

The first few weeks of September have been quite eventful. Classes have started again and things have picked up to the original pace of MIT, which is fast. I am working on approaching my wide range of responsibilities and obligations this semester by having a 'systems engineering' approach to how I handle my time and efforts. Basically, I would like to plan out my days better to accomplish tasks. 

I am taking 2.671, 2.013, 2.51, 14.01, 22.THT, and 22.15 this semester. I will be working on Mondays and Wednesdays at Shell Techworks and spending some weekend time reading, cleaning/laundry, and getting food with friends. Speaking of which, last week I got sushi with some band mates and old friends at The Mad Monkfish in Central Square. It was a good time.

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