Homemade Grape Juice


The grape juice was tart. The concoction lacked any significant sweetness in it. This was partially due to the fact that the drink had no added sugar. Beyond that, the solution was cloudy even though I filtered it through a paper sieve. I ran over to campus from my apartment in Boston. The wind sucked. All the way across the bridge my hat was down. Some other people did not care about the wind. They basked in it. Some people were on boats in the Charles. I suppose it's hard to get sick in a boat. Campus was mostly devoid although a few souls walked about on Amherst alley. I saw a bunch of PODS by McCormick Hall. These PODS likely hold the personal belongings of those who moved out last March, some of those people are returning. The grapes were growing in the garden by Next House that I help water and tend. I think some of the other gardeners don't care that much anymore as their plants are left to go fallow. I gave a homeless man some of the tomatoes I picked. I could not tell if they cared at all. I think they probably did not like tomatoes that much. Perhaps? Another man asked me for a light, I did not give them a tomato since I don't think that would have helped. I think I could make a mean grape juice with these wild grapes.

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