Love in the Time of COVID

I'm sure so many people have already used the word play on writer Marquez's book titled "Love in the Time of Cholera". My own love in the time of corona is someone I have been with for the last two years. My girlfriend Ally and I drove to rural mid-Michigan and back to meet my mom and dad this past week. On the way out from Boston, we stopped at a hotel briefly near Niagara Falls to sightsee. The photos of this brief, cautious excursion can be found at "". I was astounded at the brash, coughing families I spotted from a distance while witnessing the majestic beauty of over 100,000 gallons per second of water spill over a rocky edge. Ally and I were able to get a few different views of each of the discrete waterfalls. When you are standing there next to the rushing water, it's almost too massive to comprehend. I am encouraged to seek out other such natural world wonders after seeing the famous falls. Maybe I can get Ally to join me for another such adventure? She's watching over my shoulder right now as I write, so I should probably just ask and be forthcoming. :)


  1. I am a big fan of the "road trip date", it's a great way to explore your region ... well at least in Idaho. Sadly though we are having an inversion for the next week, and the National Weather Service is advising to minimize driving for now.

    -Mg '18

    1. An Inversion? I had to look that up on the ole' Google search engine. I had not heard of that before. Right now in New England, I am experiencing a Nor'Easter! The snowy sleet is sticking to everything. It's thankfully warm in the house I am renting with some friends here in Somerville. Hopefully it melts off in the next few days. Similarly, it is weather that I would not like to drive in for a long time.


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