My New Used Car


The largest purchase I have ever made BY FAR. Today I went ahead with buying a Toyota Rav4. I have been looking at cars since last June when I took a job with Physical Sciences, Inc. When I took that job I realized that I needed to have a car to commute, so I called up my mom who was willing to let me borrow her Jeep for the last five months. Thanks mom. I did a test drive last Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised with how nice I found the vehicle. I compared to the CR-V and the Forester and liked the Rav4 more. It is one of the most popular SUV models for the class.

I dropped $21k. The money I used to pay for this car was built up over the last four years of my on-campus jobs, internships, and other jobs. I went with GEICO for the insurance. I did not know it stood for something. It stands for Government Employee Insurance COmpany. Who knew? Probably GEICO employees I hope.

The only thing connecting me to my parents now is my phone plan, which is sort of intimidating. I am nearly a fully blown adult on my own. There is no reason to go onto separate phone plans though. Since it's a deal.

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